Caravan Wax Chasis Oiling

Beeline offer Caravan chasis wax oiling across North Wales, Gwynedd and Llyn Peninsula.

By looking after your static caravan chasis you can extend the lifetime of your holiday home for years to come. Ultimately one of the most important jobs to do – it’s best to get it done right by a professional. And it doesn’t cost the earth as our service is affordable and of the highest standard. We use the best weather protection wax oil to keep your caravan free from corrosion and rust.

If your caravan is near the sea you can expect corrosion to start much quicker than inland – so don’t delay and wax on today!

Give Beeline a call and we’ll give you a fantastic quote.

Enquire About Wax Chasis Oiling

Our team are always happy to help and have a chat about caravan wax chasis oiling.