How To Sell My Caravan?

Selling your caravan or lodge can be difficult, Many sites like to take advantage and offer you pennies.

This is especially difficult when you bought the caravan or lodge for thousands only a couple of years ago. So today we have decided to list the most efficient, cost effective way to get the most back for your caravan.

Assessing your losses

So the most important thing is looking at how much you will be losing. Especially if you have finance, buying a caravan is very similar to buying a car. You buy a car from the show room, drive it off the lot and instantly lose a significant amount.

For example. If you have taken finance on a £60,000 caravan or lodge. Usually within 2 years you will notice a significant drop in value. If you are in the situation of wanting to sell after 2 years,you may find it difficult. This is why we like to speak about to rental potential.

Renting out your caravan.

Have you found yourself in the situation where your finance is outstanding more than your caravan or lodge? Renting in our opinion is the best option to help you out of this situation.

Everyone has a opinion on renting out a holiday home, some people hate it. some people love it and some people have nightmare stories. But the most important thing is choosing the right agent to help make your rental experience smooth, hassle free as well as keeping your caravan or lodge in pristine condition we have agents such as which makes renting out a dream!

Now why do we recommend renting out if you are what we call upside down? Renting out sites can make you a serious amount of money! especially on flag ship sites. If you have a 2 year old caravan or lodge with decking and 3 bedrooms you could earn up to £1400 a week! for up to 14-15 weeks a season! This means that over 3 years you can cover your site fees and a portion of the payments which means in the 3 years time you will be in a much better situation to sell and walk away without a big hole in your pocket!

So when you come to selling what is the best way to do it?

Selling privately

We will be writing a much bigger blog about how to sell privately and get the most back for your caravan or lodge!

Beeline are the best in the business for selling your caravan privately! we focus on getting you the most money back! hence why we are offering all of this advice free of charge!

The first step to selling privately is speaking to your park owners, general manager or Sales admin! this is important as there is some info you need to know about! Here is a list of questions to ask the site!

Questions to ask the site

  1. How much site fees do you get back? Ask for a break down as the months go on.
  2. What is the sites commission if you were to sell privately? this tends to be 12.5% + Vat, though it is now a law that no site should be over 10% + Vat
  3. Ask for the form you need to sign to allow you to sell the caravan privately.

Sites at this stage tend to offer you a buy back. which most of the time is a trade price which we will talk about a little later, or sometimes they will offer to advertise the caravan for you.

The site advertising the caravan for you isnt a bad thing, though we found in our experience that they use your caravan or lodge as a marketing ploy to get people down where they then show people different caravans and lodges. Not all site are the same. But please take this into consideration. As having multiple people advertising your caravan or lodge can make it more difficult to sell.

Once you have filled out this form that the site gives you or made the aware you are selling you are free to advertise! The first thing you need to do is decide how much you want for the caravan!

Costs the new owner has to pay

Once you have this price you need remember a few things!

  1. If you sell the caravan the deal HAS to complete through the site.
  2. DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM THE CUSTOMER. Again this has to be handed to the site so that you can pay off anything you owe. Then the site will send you whats left.
  3. the price you are selling the caravan for is not the FINAL price. Lets talk about this!

The price you advertise for isn’t the final price

What does this mean?

EXAMPLE: if you have your caravan or lodge for sale at £40,000. The new owner has to pay £40,000 plus the additives which consist of

  • Remaining site fees £4,000
  • Insurance £310
  • Rates £375
  • Possibly the sites commission £6,000
  • TOTAL= £54,685

You do not want your buyer going into pay for the caravan and having a scary £14,000 added on top of their bill. So try and advertise your caravan at “+ Costs” or advertise at the full sum.

The best way to sell your caravan is by adding the site commission on top of the price you want for the caravan. This means at the end of the sale you walk way with what you asked for in the first place.

Finding an agent

We at beeline take pride in offering this service to owners like you at a great price! we take all the hassle out of it, advertise it for you, take the photos for you and make selling a whole lot easier!

stay tuned for a bigger blog giving you tips on how to sell your caravan! offering trade secrets and inside knowledge!

The next way to sell your caravan is accepting a buy back or selling to trade.

Selling to trade or buy back

Now selling to trade or accepting a buy back is always the worst thing you can do and is always a LAST RESORT option.

Traders and sites use a guide which is industry wide and offer you a price which is often next to nothing!

Though it is worth noting that this is a simple way to wash your hands from your caravan and get away. Traders will offer you a cash price which usually resorts in you caravan being taken off the pitch and sold to another site or a private bit of land.

Buy backs

Buy backs work slightly different. if you sell your caravan in result of a buy back it can be open to negotiation! this is because sites usually see the value in your plot and think that if they buy your caravan back they could possible put a lodge or a new caravan on there and sell it for more margin!

This is a really good situation to be in and is often worth speaking to experts like our selves to help get you the most back for you caravan!

These are just some of the best way to sell your caravan and we will be posting for detailed info on how to do this! in the mean time if you have any queries regarding selling your caravan or if you ever think “How do I sell my caravan” give us a call, we offer free advise or can act as your agent to make sure you get the best experience 🙂