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Beeline offer you the chance to sell your caravan easily, quickly and at a fair price. We cover North Wales, Gwynedd and Llyn Peninsula. If you are thinking about selling your caravan or holiday home in North Wales we can help sell your caravan fast.

Caravan Buyers

We have one of the largest customer audiences of caravan buyers in North Wales and are able to put your caravan in front of many buyers in an instant. We also have years of experience in dealing with caravan parks in North Wales and pride ourselves on offering a hassle free experience when selling your static caravan holiday home.

Caravan Price Guide

Our expert team have been been in the caravan industry for decades and can offer you an accurate guide price for your caravan. Caravan prices can fluctuate depending on the time of the year, the overall condition of the caravan and if it has additional extras such as double glazing or central heating.

Sell My Static Caravan

When you are ready to sell we are to help you get what your caravan is worth. We offer low selling fees and the opportunity to move quickly. We’d be delighted to help.


Please fill in the form with your caravan details and one of our team will contact you to help you sell you caravan or lodge.

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Our team are always happy to help and have a chat about helping to sell your caravan or lodge.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Can you help me sell my caravan?

Yes, we can help you sell your caravan, Beeline offers you the chance to sell your caravan easily, quickly and at a fair price. We provide our expert services and the largest buyers audience within North Wales to make sure you get the best opportunity possible.

When is the best time to sell my caravan?

The best time to sell your caravan is during the months of January and April, this is because people are preparing for the summer and want that perfect caravan holiday ready to enjoy. However, you can sell your caravan any time of the year, we have buyers waiting all year!

Do I have to pay tax if I sell my caravan?

It is always best to seek the financial advice of an accountant.

Do I have to sell my caravan back to the site?

Answer coming soon.

Beeline Caravan Traders

Top tips on getting your caravan ready for selling

Beeline Caravan Traders

How To Sell My Caravan?

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Our team are always happy to help and have a chat if you need help trying to sell your caravan or lodge.