Top tips on getting your caravan ready for selling

Whether you are upgrading, downgrading or changing location, selling your caravan should be treated with the same gusto you would use to sell your home, use these top tips to maximise your caravan’s appeal and profitability. 

Presentation – Setting the stage 

Now that you have decided to sell your caravan you want it to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, you need to set the stage and sell the dream. Depersonalise and declutter, sort and organise, make your caravan feel spacious and fluid, easy to navigate and aspirational. Invest in some new soft furnishings and stick to a simple colour palette that flows through your caravan, this helps create the illusion of space and modernity. The outside is just as important as the inside, apart from sprucing up the paintwork make the most of your outside space, seating areas set the tone for alfresco living, dining, bbqing and lazy afternoons enjoying the sun. Add containers filled with flowers, fairy lights and parasols. Sell the holiday lifestyle. Whether you’re selling privately or to a dealer or park, presentation is everything. 

Cleaning – The deep clean 

This may seem like an obvious top tip, but this is not your everyday clean, It’s all about the presentation so clean your caravan to within an inch of its life! 

Air out your caravan, grab that cleaning cloth, hoover, mop and scrub every nook and cranny there is; leave no cupboard, drawer or appliance untouched, hire a carpet cleaner, launder and freshen all soft furnishings, curtains, sofa cushions, beds and bedding, deep clean the bathroom and the kitchen, make the oven sparkle! 

Use a pressure washer on a low power setting to clean off any debris or dirt build up from your static’s exterior, particularly doors and windows. Wipe away any excess water with warm soapy water. Take care on sealed areas – the last thing you want is a leaky caravan, remember to also check the roof of your caravan for faults and blockages in drainage systems. Power wash any decking and outside areas, just deep cleaning alone can add value and saleability. 

Do you need helping to make your caravan sparkle? Our caravan cleaning service is the perfect choice if you want your caravan gleaming and ready to sell.

Maintenance – Fixing all the little things 

It’s time to fix all those little jobs that you never get around to – cracked skylights, leaking windows, damaged cupboards, scuffed flooring – anything that’s started to look a little dated, worn or damaged should be repaired or replaced. 

Consider if you need to make a small investment to update your caravan, asses if it will add value or speed up your sale, this could be anything from paint and soft furnishings to upgrading exterior features for example adding a decking area

If you have receipts for work or maintenance, that has been carried out on your caravan, dig them out and keep them in a folder to show a potential buyer. 

If your caravan does have any damage or wear and tear that you are unable to invest the time and money in to fix, then just be clear and open about the extent of it, as it’ll save you a lot of time and hassle in the future. 

Photos – The first impression 

Now you have done all the hard, it’s your pictures that will “sell the holiday dream lifestyle” and more importantly your caravan. 

Images make all the difference when selling anything, and especially these days, phones and cameras allow you to easily take photographs at a high resolution, ensuring your caravan will look its best. To enhance your images, turn on all the lights and open doors and windows when you’re photographing the caravan’s interior. The middle of the day gives the best light, even inside. Get lots of good quality photos of your caravan. Make sure they’re clear, bright and not taken from angles that don’t give the full effect of the space. You could add a short video of you moving around the caravan, “a virtual tour” it is an amazing selling tool. Keep your video short and relevant, and practice first! Use your location, it’s an important selling point, add one or two pictures of a local beauty spot, beach or any spectacular scenery that makes your caravan stand out as being in a “must have” location. 

The write up – All the info 

Apart from the basic information about your caravan like size, specifications, rooms and key features also include extra information such as the facilities your caravan park has to offer such as onsite shops, entertainment, security, babysitting, is it pet friendly and child friendly, is there designated parking. 

Touch on some of the local attractions your location has to offer, shopping, dining and days out. Also, add a small section on the best way to get to your location – car, train, motorways etc. 

Time, price and place 

Most people look for caravans between January and April to get the most out of the upcoming holiday season, the New Year tends to spark an interest in sunnier times and holiday dreams, but with the current global situation of Covid 19 it would appear that now is a great time to sell your caravan with many people looking to invest in staycation get-aways. 

There are a few ways you can go about deciding on a price, but make sure your research is based on the same make, model, age and condition as your own caravan. If you don’t advertise your caravan for a fair price, the likelihood is that it won’t sell so it’s important to have a good starting point and work from there. Use online valuation calculators specific for caravan valuations and factor in location, unique features and upgrades. 

You also have the option to part exchange your caravan. Often, part-exchanging your caravan through your park is the best option in terms of value but that’s not always the case. If you want to sell privately, you’ll need to check the rules of your park and whether you can resell on the park. If you do sell your caravan on the park, they may take a commission. If you sell privately you will also have to find the best marketplace for your caravan be it Gumtree, EBay or more niche caravan and holiday homes websites, some options are free, some take a commission. But research is key to helping you make the best decision to fit your needs. 

Help selling your caravan

If all that has made you feel like you need a holiday, there is the hassle free alternative to doing it all yourself, have a chat with us at Beeline Caravan Traders, not only can we help you with selling your caravan, but we also have packages to take care of the cleaning, maintenance and transportation of your caravan. We can make selling your caravan completely stress free and maybe even help you find your next one! 

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